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Paradigm of Information

I don't want to grow up, just have great knowledge.

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Sir Basic
I have a degree in graphic arts and illustration, looking for any freelance work: pre-press print, textiles, faux & mural house/wall & ceiling work. I enjoy working with masonite scratch board, acrylics, and computer graphics. I perform a wide variety of consumer art but not limited to: menu development, table flip cards, child menu place mat, store circular fliers and mail, direct mail-out, posters, discount card, newspaper ad, magazine ad, radio copy, and TV commercial storyboard.

In addition to the art stuff, I am the Sound Director for the Texas Renaissance Festival http://www.texrenfest.com. The largest themed festival in the world! We open every weekend of October and including the 3 day weekend of Thanksgiving in November. I setup 7 stages with sound systems, and oversee the running of the Queens Joust.

Social capital

  • less than 10